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  1. crossbow string & cable quick fit chart updated 12/2014 We make it easy to choose the perfect BlackHeart crossbow strings & cablesRaider CLS — just look up your crossbow. Barnett Length Item # Brotherhood 36 10276 Buck Commander CRT, DOA, Predator AVI/CRT 38.5 10138 Ghost 350 CRT, Zombie 350 CRT 34 10136 Ghost 360 40.313 1027
  2. STRING AND CABLE CHARTS 2015 MODEL STRING CABLE 1 A to A at Brace A to A Full Draw Mass Weight OFFSPRING 36 1/2 22 3/16 20 17 1/2 6.5 lbs SOLUTION LS 35 1/2 21 3/16 19 3/16 16 1/4 6.9 lbs SOLUTION 35 1/2 21 3/16 19 3/16 16 1/4 6.9 lbs 2014 MODEL STRING CABLE 1 A to A at Brace A to A Full Draw Mass Weigh
  3. 2021-2019 string and cable lengths 2021 model string cable 1 cable 2 axle to axle brace height solution 61 37.41 32 6 solution ss 61.875 35.4 30 7 solution sd 55.375 35.438 30 7 eva gen 2 55.375 35.438 30 7 zion/dlx 56.82 37.07 31 6.5 amplify 57.7 38.335 31 1/2 6 revolt 60.156 35.375 30 7 1/
  4. PARKER CROSSBOW SPECIFICATION CHART \\raidserver\DOCS\Crossbows Info\Crossbow Specification Chart_09-16 printed 9/23/2016. Limb Overall Overall Mass Power Axle to Stock Pull Draw String Cable Config. Length Width Weight Stroke Axle Length Length Weight Length Length
  5. ed by applying 100 lbs. of tension and measuring from outside of pin to outside of pin with your string. A way to do this yourself is to put the bow in a bow press, and taking a piece of string make a loop and place it on the peg found on the cam and then wrap it.
  6. OEM STRING & CABLE CHART. Have questions about your strings and cables for each bow model? Reference the chart below. Download Chart. Bow Model Year Item Numbers Brand String Cable Control; Acclaim: 1998: 8104 (AJ) Jennings: 99 3/8: 42 3/4: Advantage Hunter: 2008: A85W29027R: 86 7/8: 34 1/2: Agenda 6: 2014-2015
  7. So here is the the chart that Jesse (from Barnett) sent to my email a couple weeks ago. Hopefuly this chart will help many of you with the questions about your sting/cable size, strands, string number, etc. Hope this helps. lovetohunt. View attachment String Cable Chart Newer Bows - 2015-08-20.pdf

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Length Item # Brotherhood 36 10276 Buck Commander CRT, DOA, Predator AVI/CRT 38 1/2 10138 crossbow string & cable Brotherhood 21.438 10281 Buck Commander CRT, DOA, Predator AVI/CRT 23 1/4 10175 Ghost 350 CRT, Zombie 350 CRT 34 10136 Ghost 350 CRT, Penetrator (2010 & prior), Zombie 350 CRT 23 1/4 10173 Ghost 360 40.313 10277 Ghost 385 CRT 41 10145 quick fit chart Ghost 360 20.563 10282 Ghost 385 CRT 20 1017 Bow specs for all years 2016 and older 2016 Bow Specs (View / Download) 2015 Bow Specs (View / Download) 2014 Bow Specs (View / Download) 2013 Bow Specs (View / Download) 2012 Bow Specs (View / Download) 2011 Bow Specs (View / Download) 2010 Bow Specs (View / Download) 200 The AMO (Archery Manufacturers and Merchants Organization) method of measuring a recurve bow string length is the a standard! The basic rule of thumb that the AMO proposes is that the bow string length should be 3 shorter than the actual recurve bow length. Most (if not, all) pro or archery shops follow this standard BOW STRING LENGTH STANDARD Bow string Iength is three inches less than bow length designation (example: 72 bow Iength requires 69 string Iength) when loaded as per Bow String Tension Chart and stretched by placing string loops over ¼ diameter steel pins. Measurement is taken from outside of pin to outside of pin The AMO standard for string length proposes that a compound string length be discovered by applying a tension of 100 lbs. and measuring your string from pin to another pin. An approach to go about this yourself is to insert the bow inside a bow press. Thereafter, take a bit of string, make a loop with it and place it on the peg located on the cam

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  1. g, Mod, and Post Settings Chart (2000-2021) Limb Deflection Charts (2000-2021) Laser Reference Chart (2000-2021
  2. Man Kung MK-180S crossbow string The Man Kung MK-180S crossbow string comes with two limb. € 6,95. In stock. Add to cart More info >. Man Kung MK-RBS007 bow string The Man Kung MK-RBS007 bow string is suitable for the. € 9,95
  3. Oneida Eagle String Specifications. Mathews No Modules Urban Archery. Mathews Vertix Mod Chart Poskin. Mathews Halon P X Modules Archery Supplies Australia S Largest. Helim String And Cable Length. Crossbow String Length Chart Poskin. Avail Mathews Archery Women S Bow. 2016 Martin Two String And Cable Build Chart

To do so: Lay the bow face down. Measure from bow string groove to bow string groove, across the curve of the bow's limbs. Don't go down into the grip area of the bow but follow the natural line or belly of the bow. This measurement is the AMO length of the bow. Now, don't forget to get one 3 shorter. A 66-inch recurve bow would get a. Wicked Ridge Crossbow Strings. SKU:WRCS. 4.4 (9) $ 29.99. Crossbow. Choose an option Invader Invader 400 Invader G3 Invader HP Invader X4 Lady Ranger M-370 NXT 400 Raider CLS Rampage 360 Ranger Ranger X2 RDX 400 Warrior Warrior G3 Warrior HL Warrior Ultra-Lite. Clear

Q:How do you measure a crossbow string? A: The correct way to measure a crossbow string is at 100lbs of tension, on ¼ posts after 20 seconds from outside of post to outside of post.This is the industry standard for measuring any bow string.This will generally yield a length that is a little longer then the static measurement. #Bows Sized to fit any make or model of crossbow with a comfortable carry with zero sliding or bouncing. $ 19.99. Add to Cart. ROPE COCKING DEVICE. Easily adjusts to any crossbow to reduce draw weight by up to 50 percent. $ 24.99. Add to Cart. HYPERFLITE™ ARROWS. Revolutionary small diameter arrows designed for use with Barnett's Hyper™ crossbows CX Crossbow Replacement Strings. $23.00. (10 reviews) Write a Review. Write a Review. ×. Carbon Express®. CX Crossbow Replacement Strings. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name 24 to 26 = 64 to 66 bow. 26 to 28 = 66 to 68 bow. 28 to 30 = 68 to 70 bow. 31 and longer = 70 to 72 bow. Match your calculated draw length to the appropriate bow size in the chart to the left. NOTE: I always round the calculated draw length up to the nearest 1/2 inch for recurve bows. It is preferable to shoot a longer bow than. Wicked Ridge Crossbow Strings. $29. 99 . 4.4 (9) Buy. Wicked Ridge Crossbow Cables. $54. 99 . 5 (4) Buy. Horton Crossbow Strings. $29. 99 . 5 (1) Buy. Horton Crossbow Cables. $54. 99 . 5 (2) Buy. Cable Saver. $9. 99 . Buy. Filter Results. Exclusive News from TenPoint. Get 10% off your next accessory purchase when you sign up to receive product.

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String lengths & brace heights Bow lengths 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 limbs Recurved CX series string length 49 51 53 55 67 59 61 63 65 67 69 71 Brace height range Inches 6.5 to 6.9 6.8 to 7.1 7.0 to 7.4 7.3 to 7.7 7.5 to 7.9 7.8 to 8.2 8.0 to 8.5 8.3 to 8.7 8.5 to 9.0 8.8 to 9.3 9.0 to 9.5 9.3 to 9.8 HEX5 series string length 49 51 53 55 57 59 61 63 65 67 69 7 crossbow string & cable quick fit chart updated 1/2017 We make it easy to choose the perfect BlackHeart crossbow strings & cables — just find your crossbow on this chart. New model for 2017 Barnett Item # Brotherhood 10276 Buck Commander CRT, DOA, Predator AVI, Predator CRT 10138 Ghost 350 CRT, Zombie 350 CRT 10136 Ghost 360 10277 Ghost 385. bow, the appropriate string length will be 3 inches shorter than the bow length designation. HOW TO USE THESE SPINE SELECTION CHARTS Draw Length is the distance, at archer's full draw, from nocking point on string to the pivot point of the grip plus 1 3/4 inches. For standardization purposes, al

2021 X30, X33, X37 Tuning Charts. Click for PDF. 2021 FLX Tuning Chart Barnet Wildcat, Wildcat XL, Wildcat III, Rhino Recurve, Panzer, Commando, RC300, RX150, Ranger II, and other recurve style crossbows needing a 32 strand string of this length all use a 25 5/8 inch 32 strand string. Most Wildcat's came with the 150# limb Measure its length from string groove to string groove. Once you know the bow's length, you can determine your bowstring's length. If you shoot a recurve, your bowstring is usually 4 inches shorter than the bow's length. If you shoot a longbow, the bowstring is 3 inches shorter. If you're still unsure, measure your current bowstring or. 26.5 Length Crossbow String Polyester Fiber for CR-013A2 crossbow Sustains Up To 175Lbs Draw WeightOfficial Store Check here: https://www.wholesaledad.com/..

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  1. Home / Crossbow / Crossbow: Strings & Cables. GAS Crossbow strings & cables are made using the same premium process, utilizing our TTS process to provide the crossbow user the same level of quality demanded in a compound string. All crossbow strings & cables are made using premium BCY string & serving materials best suited to match your.
  2. imum length of the arrow for safety because shooting an arrow that's too short will put the archer's hand in the path of the string when loading an arrow on the rail
  3. AMO length is a standard measurement of bow length that is designated to be three inches longer than the bowstring. It usually applies to Recurve Bows and other conventional bows. For example: If your bow has an AMO length of 60″, the length of your bowstring, and the actual length of your bow when strung, will be 57″

Add to Wish List Compare. GAS Bowstrings Crossbow String & Cable Complete Set. Item # 4720059. $89.99. Call To Order. Add to Wish List Compare. GAS Bowstrings Crossbow Cables. Item # 4720058. $64.99 String Chart. For a list of popular bow Models Click Here . Dual Cam Adjustment Charts Eliminator TRI II Large Cam. Eliminator Mini TRI II Large Cam. Iron Mace - Trinary Large Cam. Iron Mace - Mini Trinary Large Cam. Speed Pro X-10_Mini Tri II Large Cam . Speed Pro X-10 - Trinary Large Cam. Supreme Pro_Mini Tri II Cam. Supreme Pro.

Each crossbow is loaded with high-performance features, value added accessories, and a 5-year warranty that get you into the field with confidence. Crossbows / Bows. Wrath™ 430 Crossbow with Silent Crank. $749.99 Up to 430 fps New for 2021! This bullpup-style crossbow—our smallest—is built for ultimate stealth with an easy, ultra-quiet. A crossbow is a weapon that has a horizontal bow mounted on a stick, called a stock. It shoots projectiles, called bolts, at a target. Modern crossbows are compound crossbows which have stiffer limbs to make the bow more energy efficient and a string attached to a pulley system to make it easier to draw back with increased power as the bolt is fired Attach the crossbow string end loop to each plastic limb tip by inserting through/under the stringer loop. Be sure that the crossbow stringer is fully looped over both sides of the plastic limb tip (as shown). CROSSBOW ASSEMBLY CROSSBOW ASSEMBLY USER'S MANUAL USER'S MANUAL Crossbow String for 50-lb Crossbow. 4.3 ( 3 reviews) Your Price: $4.99. In Stock - Ships Today! Fast and Accurate Order Processing. We offer standard, 3 day express, 2 day express, and overnight express shipping options for your convenience. If you place your order Monday - Friday by 2:00 PM EST using one of our express shipping options, your.

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Figuring out the ideal string length for your recurve or longbow is easier than you might think. First, look on the bow itself. Sometimes there is writing on the bottom limb or on the side of the riser. A typical writing might read, 58/30#. This means that you have a 58 inch bow from tip to tip and a poundage of 30 at a 28 draw length

2009 string and cable charts diamond bows string length cable length iceman 89 11/16 34 5/16 marquis 93 5/8 37 1/4 88 5/16black ice 33 1/4 91 1/16stud 34 11/16 83 7/8the rock 33 1/4 50 1/8'' razor edge 32 nuclear ice information tba ross bows string length cable length cardiac 31 85 13/16 32 7/1 Killer Instinct Crossbows are industry leading, fast, dependable, and powerful crossbows that gives you the confidence to never stop pursuing your passion A crossbow string is used in the Fletching skill to create crossbows. It is created by using sinew or tree roots (except Magic roots) with a spinning wheel, requiring level 10 Crafting and granting 15 Crafting experience.. Crossbow strings are seldom made by players. Bowstrings require the same Crafting level and give the same amount of experience, and are often in higher demand First Method: Manually Measuring Your Compound Bow. It's easy to measure the bow string length required for a long bow or recurve bow. On a compound bow, it's a little bit more involved. You will need some equipment: • A bow press. • A long piece of regular white string or twine. • A permanent marker. • A tape measure

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  1. Finally choose the String Length to suit the Bow Length of your bow. Many bows have a Bow Length written on the Bottom Limb. Something for example like 68. If this is the case then you can simply you can select a string for a 68 Bow. Alternatively you can measure the length of the actual Bow String. This will generally be in the region of 4.5.
  2. We can build custom made strings for all types of bows including single cam bows, dual cam bows, recurves, longbows and crossbows. Maximize your bow's peak performance and replace that old bowstring with a custom, handmade string, by a seasoned bow string maker
  3. Horton Legacy HD 175 Recurve Crossbow Specifications: Draw Weight: 175 lbs. Mass Weight: 7 lbs. Length: 36 Width: 37 Power Stroke: 14 Arrow Length: 20 Velocity: 312 FPS. (Medium Velocity Crossbow). Note: Also see arrow drop for this crossbow arrow velocity. Energy: 76 FT.LBS. Horton Legacy HD 175 Crossbow : Cabela's

The string comes in direct contact with the arrow/bolt and is sold as a single unit. We carry most Barnett crossbow strings and cables. You will need both the cables and strings to completely restring your crossbow. Please check our selection of cables as well. Fit's 2010 and newer Barnett Crossbows unless specififed otherwise Measure the bow on the belly side from nock groove to nock groove, following the contour of the bow. This is the correct way to measure bow length. 3. From the bow length subtract 4 if it is a recurve and 3 if it is a longbow. This is the string length you will need to start with Zebra. Trophy. Zebra® Trophy® utilizes a proprietary blend of BCY® 452X material designed and manufactured to create a top of the line, hassle free bowstring and cable that can be customized to fit any one cam, two-cam, crossbow, or traditional bow you may have. Zebra® Trophy® Bowstrings and Cables are pre-conditioned to guarantee no.

Welcome to ABB. America's Best Bowstrings has been manufacturing high quality custom bowstrings since 2006. With a foundation based on serving God, we strive to be ethical archers and bowhunters, and to respect the great outdoors. Our commitment to the never ending search for perfection has been the driving force behind ABB, and leads us to be. This will give you the approximate length of the bow. A Bowstring for bows over 40 lbs is measured by placing it over steel pegs and stretching it at 100 lbs of tension for 20 seconds. The measurement is taken from the outside of each peg. ATA Specs say that a bow should be properly braced with a string that measures 3″ shorter than the bow accuracy meets comfort. The worlds most accurate bow has 50%less vibration and is now faster, and more comfortable than ever before. Learn More. ATA • 32″. Speed • 341. Brace Height • 6. Weight • 4.25 lbs. Draw Lengths • 23-30 (Half inch increments Crossbow Nation Since 2008 A forum community dedicated to crossbow owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about bolts, optics, hunting, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more

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B-50 Dacron REPLACEMENT RECURVE BOWSTRING - 12 STRAND BOW STRING FOR BOWS UP TO 35 LBS. - ACTUAL STRING LENGTH IN INCHES - By Traditional Gear Archery Products (Multiple Sizes) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $6.99 - $16.99. Crossbow Rope String Cocking Device Double Handle for Archery Bow Hunting Tool Accessories Gray (Pack of 1 2005 model string cable 1 axle to axle brace height rapture 87 9/16 35 1/16 33 7 1/2 triumph 84 1/4 33 11/16 31 1/2 7 7/8 victory 89 15/16 36 11/16 34 1/2 7 1/4 victory dc 57 1/4 37 1/8 35 3/4 8 1/4 2005-2012 string and cable chart 01-17-12 dmd11. created date String and cables on your bow are the most neglected archery maintenance item. The estimated life of a string and cable set is two to three years. Over time your strings stretch and wear. As they stretch cams will no longer be synchronized which will effect your accuracy. Even if you are not shooting your bow, they may still need to be changed

A crossbow has a higher draw weight than a traditional bow because the distance the string has to travel from full draw to rest is much shorter. What does draw weight mean? This is the maximum amount of force needed to draw the string back on a bow to a standard length of 28 and it's measured in pounds the bow and cause the bow to dry fire resulting in possible injury to the archer and damage to the bow. Dry-firing is drawing and releasing the bowstring without an arrow on the string. • When purchasing arrows for your bow, consult the selection chart from the arrow manufacturer and select the correct arrow for your application Up to 390 fps. Hunters seeking a crossbow as rugged as they are need look no further. CenterPoint engineers designed the Dagger 390 to withstand the rigors of long seasons: that's early-season scorchers, mid-season driving rain, and late season deep-freezes. Throughout it all, the Dagger 390 maintains tight performance and reliability Bow Hunting Target Archery Blog; LIFEBLOOD Bows Hunting Compounds . All Hunting Compounds Ventum 30 Ventum 33 Carbon RX-5 Carbon RX-5 Ultra Carbon RX-4 Turbo Helix Turbo Eclipse Torrex Torrex XT Torrex XT Long Draw Double XL. Tune Charts. RESULTS Filter Results. 2011 | Ruckus YZ50 (PDF) #compound #ruckus

IBO Speed: Limb: 31122. Axle to Axle: 41in. Brace Height: Cable: Notes: * Extension for 29 is 42 11/16 / Extension for 31 is 42 15/16 Crossbows We build every crossbow to keep all who carry them in the hunt longer and make them more successful. Built with recurve limb technologysimple, tough and accuratewith a limited lifetime warranty Barnett Outdoors Llc BAR20002 Crossbow String Archery Bow Rail Lube/Wax Combo. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Barnett Outdoors Llc BAR20002 Crossbow String Archery Bow Rail Lube/Wax Combo. $20.77. Was: $27.83. Free shipping. NEW PREMIUM CAMO BARNETT QUAD 400 / REVOLUTION AVI CROSSBOW STRING The technology behind our strings. New, Proprietary Trophy™ Process. The latest in bowstring technology, Zebra® Trophy X™ is built with the new, proprietary Trophy Process™ which has refined 20 years of experience to create the most consistent, durable, and highest performing strings and cables on the market to date The V3 features an enlarged stabilizer bushing which increases the stiffness of any attached stabilizer by up to 10%, enhancing accuracy and decreasing vibration. Compatible with our silent connect system kit, a versatile add-on that allows for quick and silent attachment of our new Mathews Genuine bow rope and bow sling

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This item: Ravin R 9, 10, 15, 20, 29 String and Cable Set $75.00. In stock. Ships from and sold by j and d custom strings. Ravin R210 Crossbow Draw Handle For Use Exclusively With Ravin Crossbows, Black $73.89. In Stock g ss String s String s String s String s String s String s String s String s String s String s String s String s Bow Name Limbs Trinary I & II Mini Trinary 1 & 2 Standard Mini XL Hatchet Rad Cams Striker Perfx Twin Power XD XL Mini XD Pro Cam D/S Hatchet Power Force 14 92 1/4 38 3/8 53 1/2 36 1/2 Power Force 16 98 1/2 41 1/2 59 40 3/8 56 3 the length of your bow. For a recurve bow your string length should be about 3.5 shorter than your bow length. Hence, if you are using a 68 bow, your string length should be about 64.5. For compound bow strings and cables measure from existing ones that you wish to replace or check the manufacturers specifications, these ar Vapor Trail has you covered for the customizable color crossbow strings you want. Mix and match colors for a unique crossbow string design It is the Length between the string of crossbow in the rearmost or cocked position and its uncocked resting point. The longer is the power-stroke, the faster the arrow will apply. Draw Weight. It is the amount of force required to stretch the bow back to its full cocked position. The harder you stretch the string, the faster it will be

Crossbow Strings & Cables. Easily find the proper strings and cables for your crossbow by selecting the brand and model below. Showing 1-12 of 236 results Velocity Plus Crossbow String (#1601228) $ 25.99. In stock. Add to cart. Velocity Plus Crossbow String (#1601229). Crossbow bolt length, the weight of the entire bolt, type of nock, and shaft material should all be considered before making an initial purchase. Crossbow manufacturers have recommendations for which type of bolt shoots best and these recommendations should be followed We have 3 series of crossbow strings that will meet every archers needs, whether you are a tournament professional or dedicated bow hunter. THE BEST $169.99 Learn More. THE ORIGINAL $139.99 Learn More. RELIABLE PERFORMANCE $109.99 Learn More. America's Best Bowstrings. P.O. Box 178 Walnut Creek, OH 44687 Length. Crossbow bolts normally measure anywhere from 16 to 22 inches long. The size bolt you buy will be primarily guided by your crossbow and its power stroke. Check what size bolt your crossbow works with. You can vary the bolt length though. A shorter length is stiffer and less flexible. This is better for penetration Miracle X10 bow - Gold Set. Smart Phone. Miracle X10 bow - Red Set. Smart Phone. Miracle X10 bow - Light Blue Set. Smart Phone. Miracle X10 bow - Purple Set. Hot Deal Today. Editor's Picks

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Choose your bow type & specs. Strand 1 (select a color) Strand 2 (select a color) Serving (select a color) BOW TYPE. Compound. Crossbow. Recurve. Long. STRING LENGTH (inches) STRING / CABLE SET. NOTES TO BUILDER (optional) * Due to the custom nature of the product, Winners Choice is not responsible for changes to build after the sale has been. There are many variables which can significantly affect performance of the bowstring material. Some examples include: Number of strands and twists, type of serving material, tightness of serving material, width of cam grooves on bow, amount of lubrication, type of release, condition of cam wheel, yoke system on cables, degree of string maintenance The crossbow string's center serving area should be centered on either side of the latch system for consistent shooting when the crossbow is in the cocked position. For ease of centering, you may want to use a permanent marker to color the part of the serving on the string that is immediately outside the rail on both sides of the stock when. The Katana 360 boasts an impressive 360 fps at only 150 lbs of draw weight. It also comes equipped with a 5.5 pound trigger, anti-dry fire technology, manual safety, oversized finger guards, and an ambidextrous cheek piece. Check out the full bow specs as well as videos with the Katana 360, including how to simply and safely decock it

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TRINITY STRINGS are served only with Angel Majesty 0.036 serving material for a long life and durability. Serving length is typically 4, but custom length servings are available as well. crossbow models. TRINITY STRINGS currently makes strings for all Mag-Tip Excalibur Recurve Crossbow Models, Koda-Bow Recurve Crossbows and select Barnett. r9/10/15/20/29/29x strings & cables $ 109.99 We recommend that strings and cables be replaced every 2 years or after 400 shots at your local pro shop or the Ravin Service Departmen 2008-2015 string and cable chart 2015 model string cable 1 axle to axle brace height carbon cure 93 3/16 33 5/8 32 7 provider 90 5/8 32 7/8 31 7 1/2 infinite edge pro 55 33 1/16 31 7 atomic 42 1/16 26 1/8 24 6 2014 model string cable 1 axle to axle brace heigh

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EXCALIBUR MATRIX SURVIVAL PACK MATRIX STRING, ROPE COCKER AND STRINGING AID. $84.99. Quickview. Add to Cart. Add to Compare Finding draw weight on a recurve bow can be done using the same digital scale we mentioned before. Simply attach the scale to your bow string, pull back to your preferred draw length, and see your draw weight. Again, don't shoot more than you can comfortable handle. The heavier the poundage, the more challenging it will become to shoot

Single cams that use f modules, Parts of the single cam

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Large, corporate companies, to pro shop strings, to basement bowstring makers. Everyone seems to claim that they're the best bow strings you can buy. At Winner's Choice, we've worked for decades to create the ultimate bowstring stability and to make sure that creep, peep rotation, and serving separation are a thing of the past STRING AND CABLE REFERENCE GUIDE Note: When installing most cables, twist the bottom yoke (located at the end of each cable) four times and the top yoke one time. *Twist the Vapor top yokes three full twists, and the bottom yokes three full twists — the string & cables are pre-twisted, and do not require additional twists

Killer Instinct Crossbows Ripper 415 Crossbow Kit, CAMO. 415 FPS BOLT SHOOTING SPEED: The Killer Instinct Ripper 415 Crossbow is capable of shooting arrows at the speed of 415 FPS. It has the ability to pump out arrows fast within a 1-inch area up to around 80 yards. ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE: The proven 3.5-pound KillerTech trigger is consistent. You are about to make a perfect shot! Click below to subscribe to the best e-newsletter ever. Be kept up-to-date on new products, tips and tricks, killer deals and more VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canad String Builder. String 1. String 2. Pinstripe. Serving. Optional. PLEASE NOTE: ThreadZ String Builder is for illustrative purposes only. Color accuracy is not guaranteed

Features: 150lb Draw Weight 13 Power Stroke 325 FPS Adjustable bow handle grip so one size fits all adults Shorter draw lengths available Safety blocks trigger Anti-dryfire lever String loop for precise nocking point Complete ready to hunt package (optional) Unique vertical design Shoots full length arrows Easily con The draw weight of a crossbow also factors into its speed. If you have two identical crossbows with the same power stroke but the string on one is mounted at 10-pounds heavier draw weight, it will shoot faster than the one with the lighter draw weight because the force of acceleration is greater. For example, TenPoint's Wicked Ridge Invader. When cocking the crossbow turn off the safety before engaging and then pull the string back. In this crossbow, the safety release can be operated by using either hand. The foregrip and adjustable stock also increase the safety as you can adjust them to your length. Power. The great feature of the Centerpoint sniper 370 is its power and speed Step 1: Locate the limb bolts of your bow and insert an Allen wrench right into them. The limbs of your bow connect to the riser at the limb bolts. Turn the bolts one after the other anti-clockwise, make three full revolutions so that a good part of the pressure will be taken off the limbs. Step 2: Use both feet to step on top of the bow string. 1905 1st Ave N Windom, Minnesota 56101 United States of America. 1-810-626-3026 Foundry theme by Pixel Union, powered by BigCommerce. Killer Instinct Crossbows

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dacron crossbow string (exo series w/ carved tips) $ 31.99. details . crossbow block target $ 129.99. details . tomb™ crossbow case $ 129.99. details . explore™ take-down series crossbow case $ 129.99. details . ex-shield™ crossbow case $ 119.99. details . poncho™ soft crossbow case $ 49.99 YOU'LL BE SUPRISED AT WHAT A BOW SHOOTING 340 FPS CAN FEEL LIKE. ELITE 2021 CATALOG. TAKE THE #SHOOTABILITYCHALLENGE. FIND YOUR NEW ELITE: All Bows; Hunting; Target; EnKore. 33; Axle-to-Axle6; Brace Height4.55; Lbs23-30 Draw Length. Remedy. 34; Axle-to-Axle6.375; Brace Height4.6; Lbs24-31 Draw Length. ReZult 36. 36; Axle-to-Axle6.8125; Brace. bow and cause the bow to dry fire which can cause injury to the archer and damage to the bow. • When purchasing arrows for your bow, consult the selection chart from the arrow manufacturer and select the correct arrow for your application. Always use an arrow that meets the weight requirement stated in the warranty performance testing. The primary issue noted was string serving separation. The high load and acute string angle created by the Frontal String Technology at full -draw is the distinguished cause of the separation. No other items were discovered during this portion of evaluation . The crossbow is next evaluated on the five (5) criteria outlined.

Step by step: Simply string your bow, measure the brace height using a ruler, shoot 10 or so arrows, then adjust the brace height by 1/8 of an inch up or down by adding or removing a few twists. Make sure to measure the exact brace height after every change made, note it down, and assign each setting a subjective noise rating based on how. We make incredible, high quality strings & cables for crossbows as well. At GAS Bowstrings, we don't just make premium strings & cables for vertical compound bows. Made from all BCY materials and built with our unique string building process, our crossbow strings & cables are as tough as they come to withstand the abuse of even the harshest. 1. Take the #8 1 steel screws that came with the package and feed them into the holes on the top of the recoil pad making sure the beveled part is facing the inside of the stock. Using a lubricated Philips Screwdriver, push screws all the way down inside the recoil pad until the screw head hits the plastic backing plate. 2

PSE Full Throttle 70# 27" SKulz black LH Archery SuppliesHorton Crossbow Replacement String Recurve Steel Force (27Factory Replacement #28 Limbs for PSE X-Force Compound BowBest Bow String for Your Compound / Recurve / Crossbow