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The Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) requires various types of licenses and permits. The FDNY also certifies (reviews and approves) plans. These certifications protect public safety in New York City and directly affect a number of businesses, industry professionals, storage, housing types and other public and private properties A permit or license shall be obtained from the Honolulu Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau or designated agency prior to engaging in the following activities, operations, practices, or functions: (Section 1.12.8, as amended A Fire Department operational permit constitutes permission to maintain, store, use or handle materials, or to conduct processes which produce conditions hazardous to life or property, or to install equipment used in connection with such activities A fire Department permit is required for all new building: Construction. Alterations. Repairs. Demolition. Improvements. For more information please call 510.583.4920

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  1. the Fire Department, as well as the location/operation of the small equipment used by the Fire Department, and to gain Entry Level Firefighter training provided by within the at which time active status may only be regained after approval of the Chief or the Training Officer. If after months of probationary status a member does not.
  2. The installation or operation of appliances, systems, or equipment that pose a fire hazard or are used to handle hazardous material require a fire permit. Plans are reviewed in accordance with the Los Angeles Fire Code and relevant National Fire Protection Association standards. Fire Permits. LAFD Fire Permit Flowchart
  3. Review fire and life safety systems for over 10,000 buildings annually. Are responsible for pre-development meetings, plan reviews, permit approvals, and field inspections for new construction projects. Ensure the consistent application of fire and building codes, starting with plan check and continuing throughout construction

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  1. CAL FIRE is soliciting applications for projects that prevent catastrophic wildfires, protect communities, and restore forests to healthy, functioning ecosystems while also sequestering carbon and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The call for applications opened today, March 10, 2021 and will be due by 3:00 PM on May 19, 2021
  2. We have 71 fire-rescue stations within unincorporated Miami-Dade County and serve 29 municipalities. We have response units dedicated to air rescue service, ocean rescue, fire and rescue operations, marine, hazardous materials (HazMat), urban search and rescue (US&R), technical rescue, and venom response
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Riverside County Fire Chief Closes Hiking Areas Due to Fire Danger PERRIS, CA - CAL FIRE/ Riverside County Fire Chief Bill Weiser received approval from the Riverside County Board of Supervisors to immediately close six hazardous hiking areas throughout the region effective Monday, June 28, 2021 Quick Print: Fire Alarm Systems. Input Your FPIMS account number to get the print out of your Fire Alarm Systems. Enter Account Number: <Back to Plan Review and Systems Approval Page ment connections shall be approved by the fire chief. This section specifies that the FDC must be located so that vehicles and hose lines will not interfere with access to the building for the use of other fire department ap-paratus. The location of potential connected hose lines to the FDC and hydrants must be preplanned with the fire department Buildings shall be accessible to department fire apparatus by way of a public street or approved fire apparatus access road. The public street or fire apparatus access road shall provide access to the frontage space of the building. 503.2 Fire apparatus access roads. Fire apparatus access roads shall be provided, designed If the Fire Department review is past due and the results are still pending, you can contact the Fire Department at (215) 686-1356 or visit the Office of the Fire Code Unit located at 240 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia PA 19123. received a request for additional information from the Fire Department. How do I submit the requested information

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  1. Fire Training Approval Fire departments, businesses, and contractors may conduct fire trainings with prior approval from IDEM. Approval is necessary for live fire training using structures, fire towers, fire simulators, extinguishers, and for other burning-related activities
  2. Approved Companies List Fire Alarm Company App No. 198S Company : AAA FIRE & SECURITY SYSTEMS Address: 67 WEST STREET UNIT 321 Brooklyn, NY 11222 Telephone #: 718-349-5950 _____ Insurance Exp Date: 6/21/2022 Approval Exp: 2/22/2022 Principal's Name: NAPHTALI LICHTENSTEIN App No. 268S Company : ABLE FIRE PREVENTION CORP. Address: 241 WEST 26TH.
  3. Our high quality fire department approved gates are available in a wide variety of configurations - notably with easy-to-operate, self releasing locks that allow for easy access to the fire escape from the interior, while securing against unauthorized entrance from the outside
  4. The Fire Chief is the head of the fire department and is responsible for the daily business operations of the department, overseeing the $3.6M annual budget, and planning for the future needs of the Fire Department. Learn more about the City of Albemarle's three Fire Stations. Staff
  5. The Seattle Fire Code identifies operations, activities and materials that require a permit. Permits must be obtained for special events, public assembly occupancies, storage or use of hazardous materials, hazardous operations such as hot work and spray finishing, storage of high-piled combustible materials and a wide variety of other activities where a fire or life safety hazard may exist

Forms for ordering fire department approved key switches and padlocks can be obtained from the local fire agency. b. Manual locking mechanisms (e.g., padlocks) shall be approved by the Fire Code official. c. All manually operated gates shall be designed to remain in the open position when left unattended Members of the Fire Department fight fires, provide emergency medical treatment, and rescue people from dangerous situations. Our engines, ladders, and ambulances are housed at 63 stations across the City. We have specialized divisions that investigate fires, deal with hazardous materials, and help protect Philadelphia International Airport SECTION 2 - The active membership of the Department must be approved by the Fire District Commissioners. SECTION 3 - The following limits on membership shall be invoked: Active and Active with Restrictions (combined) - 55, with the exception of Explorers turning 16 years of age and members returning from militar

FIRE DEPARTMENT CONNECTION NOT VISIBLE TO APPARATUS OR OBSTRUCTED: Applicable Code: Section 912.2.2, 2006 International Fire Code On existing buildings, wherever the fire department connection is not visible to approaching fire apparatus, the fire department connection shall be indicated by an approved sign mounted on the street front or on the. The Scheme for 'Strengthening of Fire & Emergency Services in the Country' (2009-13): The Government had approved a Scheme on 22.10.2009 for 'Strengthening of Fire & Emergency Services' at a total outlay of Rs. 200 crore, which mainly involved capital expenditure for procurement of equipments worth Rs. 178.12 crore and training. Tommy Richardson, the department's chief of fire operations, has been named chief of department, and Assistant Chief John Hodgens will take over Richardson's former role. Jun 24th, 2021 Leadershi

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Local Fire Departments Local Fire Departments / Agency: Brighton Area Fire Authority Address: 615 W Grand River Ave City State Zip: Brighton, MI 48116 Phone: 810.229.6640 Fax: 810.229.1619. Agency: Fowlerville Fire Department Address: 132 Mill St City State Zip: Fowlerville, MI 48836 Phone: 517.223. The Department of Fire Services provides the fire service, regulated industries, and citizens with training, education, prevention, investigation, and emergency response services. This work includes training firefighters, hazardous material response, fire investigation, public education in fire and life safety, and incident support Fees related to fire inspections, plans review activities and the establishment of emergency vehicle zones may be paid online with credit card or check. You will need to enter a Miami-Dade County Permit or Fire Municipal Number in order to pay for your inspection. Fees vary depending upon the nature of the work being done Allentown Fire Department. In February 2021, Fire Chief James Wehr retired after 27 years of service. This led to the promotion of Efrain Agosto from Deputy Chief to Chief. Chief Agosto has been with the Allentown Fire Department since 2003. He was promoted to Fire Marshal and Inspector in 2012 Firetrace International has achieved the Kuwait Fire Department approval for its engineered and pre-engineered systems using both 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid and Chemours™ FM-200™

If you received a Notice To Abate Fire Hazard from the Ventura County Fire Department, you can check to see if your inspection has been approved by clicking here. Do not use this link for AB-38 Compliance Reports. If your parcel is located within the Cities of Fillmore, Oxnard, or Ventura, please contact the City Fire Department granted by the Pike Township Fire Department. You may locate the post indicator valve less than 40 ft (12.2 m) from the building, as moving the existing PIV would be cost prohibitive and create a considerable hardship to the owner. This approval must be presented to the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission as per IC 22-13-2-7

FIRE PREVENTION DIVISION. The Los Angeles County Fire Code authorized the Fire Chief to establish access, water supply and fire flow requirements. Plans for occupancies and fire protections systems require approval by the Fire Department. Plans should be submitted to the appropriate Fire Agency. EAST REGION GLENDORA 231 W. Mountain View Ave Fire System Protection. Debris could put a stop to water flow. When Fire Department Connections (FDCs) are clogged with debris, fire sprinkler systems, hydrants and standpipes can be restricted from providing optimal defense. Knox locking FDC Locks, Standpipe Locks, and Storz Locks protect fire systems from vandalism, damage, and debris. Learn Mor Approved fire department key boxes shall be installed on each side of a building required to have fire department building access doors in accordance with SFPC Table 2306.2 of the Fire Prevention Code. Each key box provided under this requirement shall contain three (3) labeled sets of keys used to unlock the fire department building access doors The mission of the Orlando Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of Orlando Citizens. We are proud to lead the only fire department in the state to have ISO 1 classification, International Fire Accreditation, Emergency Management Accreditation Program certification and ACE accreditation wall-mounted fire department connections and around the circumference of free-standing fire department connections, except as otherwise required or approved by the Fire Chief. Physical Protection Where fire department connections are subject to impact by a motor vehicle, vehicle impact protection shall be provided in accordance with IFC 2015.

Fire, rescue, emergency medical service (EMS), and other response agencies across the country rely on the USFA for current information and state-of-the-art guidance on critical fire service management and operational issues. This Guide to Developing Effective Standard Operating Procedures for Fire and EMS Departments is de Third party fire safety audit certificate; All the managements of colleges of 6 metres and above height or with plot area more than 500 Sq metres shall obtain Fire NOC from the Telangana State Disaster Response and Fire Service Department as per Section 13 of Telangana Fire Service Act 1999.Circular RC No 15009/MSB/CR/RR/2013 dt 22.2.202 New fire safety works (SGFA) Applicable to plans that does not contain any prescribed fire safety measure. $100 for every 100 square metres (or part of 100 square metres) of floor area. 3. Amendment to approved Fire Safety works. Where the amendment does not result in increase in floor area. $90/storey. 4

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The Kansas State Fair Board approved the Hutchinson (KS) Fire Department's plans for a new station on the fairgrounds during a recent meeting, reports hutchpost.com. The department originally wanted to expand its current station at 20th and Main, and asked the fair for some land adjacent to the building fire alarm inspection unit page 1 updated: 6/28/2006 1. all required fees must be paid prior to letter of approval issuance. 2. all violation orders against letter of defect should have dismissal notice issued prior to letter of approval issuance instuctions for obtaining a letter of approval letter of defec

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Coral Gables Fire Department Approved To Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines January 13, 2021 25 Comments The City of Coral Gables Fire Department entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida Department of Health approving the Fire Department as a point of distribution for the COVID 19 Vaccination including wire, shall be submitted to the Building Department for approval by the Fire Department. Plans shall indicate, among other things, the project address, and the suite number if applicable. Submittal shall clearly indicate; scale, location of all devices (including EOL' s), panels, power supplies, and risers 4 FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU THE CITY OF CALGARY FIRE DEPARTMENT Fire Department Access Standard SECTION TWO SubmiTTing plAnS Plans for streets, emergency access routes, second public access and emergency access gates or bollards are to be submitted to the Calgary Fire Department for review and approval prior to the start of any projects, including

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Approval Exp: 5/8/2018 Principal's Name: GEORGE W SCHULTZ App No. Company : ABLE FIRE PREVENTION CORP Address: 241 WEST 26TH STREET New York, New York 10001 Telephone #: 212-675-777 _____ Approval Exp: 11/15/2018 Principal's Name: BRIAN D EDWARDS Page 1 of 3 Fire Code Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Compliance. EH&S provides information, resources and tools to meet the requirements of the International Fire Code for proper storage, use and disposal of hazardous materials. Hazardous materials generally refers to chemicals, compressed gases, and cryogenic fluids that present physical and health hazards La Verne won't contract out its Fire Department without voter approval Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Those voicing support for local control over the Fire.

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fire/rescue system without having had at least some experience driving a large truck. Driver / Operator Trainer Requirements: Current Driver/Operators must meet or exceed the following requirements to be considered a Driver / Operator Trainer. Have approval from the Battalion Chief and Company Officer of the respective station/apparatus The following steps have to be carried out in order to get an NOC from fire department: There are two modes of application for NOC clearance. These modes are the offline mode and the online mode. First and foremost, the applicant would have to go online, if the state authority requires applicants to utilise the online mode

Elkhorn Fire Chief Rod Smith said he is is thankful two of the referendums were approved, and that the fire department will have additional funds to hire more firefighters and emergency management service workers. Smith said hiring the additional staff will occur in the near future, but it may be six months to a hire until all the 13 additional. AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - After receiving approval from the Commissioners' Court on Monday, the Potter County Fire Department has ordered two new vehicles. One is a Fire Command Vehicle, which is. GATES AND OTHER OBSTRUCTIONS TO FIRE DEPARTMENT ACCESS 2 Standard Number A-3 Revision Date: 3-22 -16 SUBMITTALS Detailed plans shall be submitted to the Fire Department for approval and permit prior to the installation of any obstructions, security gates or other vehicle access control device or system Fire Department Manual: Incident Operations Manual Approved by: John L. Donahue Fire Chief Initial Issue Date: August 1, 2008 Subject: #3.1.10 - Incident Scene Rehabilitation and EMS Last Revision Date: September 2, 2019 Page: 3 of 11 Formerly SOP # notify Incident Command of the patient's status, and whether they will be. constructed shall be accessible to fire department apparatus by way of an approved fire apparatus access road with an asphalt, concrete or other approved driving surface capable of supporting the imposed load of fire apparatus weighing at least 90,000 pounds (40860 kg) or as otherwise determined by the fire code official. 2. Minimum clear width

The approval of the new fire station is a great step forward for our department, said 788th CEG Fire Chief Jacob King. It will provide appropriate space for our vehicles, personnel and better aligns us to support the flying mission, the 445th Air Lift Wing and the installation ALPENA —The staffing shortage at the Alpena Township Fire Department is being addressed, as more employees have been added to the schedule. Others may be hired soon, if the fire union agrees.

Department approval is required each time you attempt to register for SFS 175 (Firefighter I Academy). This process requires you reading and completing this document and returning it to Fire@cocc.edu after which you will be approved to register. Approval to register for SFS 175 DOES NOT guarantee you a place in the class The Council approved her about 11:40 a.m. Lightfoot nominated Nance-Holt last month at a graduation ceremony for the latest class of the Chicago Fire Department paramedics

The installation of security gates across a fire apparatus access road shall be approved by the fire code official in accordance with Houston Fire Department LSB Standard No. 04, Access Control Gates. Where security gates are installed, they shall have an approved means of emergency operation. The securit The Chillicothe Fire Department will have a new Brush Truck later this fall. The Chillicothe City Council approved the purchase of a 2022 1 ton Pick-up. The Fire Department will trade in a smaller 2008 pick-up and get $20,000 in trade-in value. Fire Chief Eric Reeter explains when they expect the new truck. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or. The following fire departments, educational institutions, private company providers, fire academies and organizations provide courses approved by the division as prerequisite training for internationally accredited certification. This ongoing education and training meets certification requirements and continuing education units for Missouri's. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's three new appointees to the embattled Fire and Police Commission won unanimous approval of the Common Council Wednesday. Retired Wisconsin Court of Appeals judge Joan. Need for Fire Department Approval Fire Department approval is required if any of the following conditions exist when applying for a building permit: 1) Any residential remodeling involving the adding, eliminating or creating of a bedroom. 2) Any new residential structures with the exception of accessory buildings and structures

Apprentices doing this work under a journeyman, who are registered in an approved apprentice training program or have a signed agreement in place with a contractor (see below), are required to be registered with the Denver Fire Department (but not required to hold a license). Contact Us. Phone. 720-913-3474. Email. DFDLicensing@denvergov.org * Fires larger than the designated size must be no less than 50 feet from any structure and require approval from the Carthage Fire Department * Fires must be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished * A fire extinguisher with minimum 4-A rating, charged water hose, or other approved extinguishing equipment must be available for. Policies, Procedures, Guides, & Forms. The document management portal contains the department's policies, procedures, guides, and forms. It is divided into eight categories. The information contained within the document portal is continually updated. Please report any issues or outdated information in this section to the following web address.

Fire Department. If this document is updated, request info from Building Official on applicability or need to revise memo from Fire Department. Filename is TRT Approved document folder is: Backflow Preventer Requirements, Fire Protection Mem FIRE PUMP TESTING: The fire pump shall be tested and approved by an independent third party in accordance with NFPA standards. I. FAMILIARARITY WITH LAWS The proposer is presumed to be familiar with all Federal, State, and Local laws, ordinances, code rules and regulations that may in any way affect this contract

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Ventura County Fire Department. 165 Durley Ave. Camarillo, CA 93010-8586. vcfd@ventura.org. 805-389-9710 The vast majority of a fire department's budget is a relatively fixed cost. Salary and benefits should be paid first. In many fire departments, personnel costs account for 60-85% of your total. Fire Department access means an approved route that is always available for use by fire trucks and is designed to meet fire equipment load requirements. Except for loop lanes, shared driveways, and private driveways, all access routes must be at least 20 feet wide. When a dead-end access route exceeds 150 feet in length, an approved turnaround. Fire Stations & Units. Free blood pressure screenings are available at all Miami-Dade Fire Rescue stations. If there is no answer when you ring the station doorbell, the crew is likely out on a call. Miami Lakes - Station 1. 16599 NW 67 Ave

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Application for such approval shall only be presented by and permits issued to the owner of the land upon which the fire is to be kindled. Open burning shall only be permitted with prior approval from the state or local air and water quality management authority, provided that all conditions specified in the authorization are followed Department of Fire Services Fire Prevention Officer Credential Sponsoring Organization FPO Approval # Training Program Title Online Delivery FPO Approved Smoke Detectors 0 Department of Fire Services (DFS) Ethanol For First Responders 0 Department of Fire Services (DFS) 267 Ethanol Risk and Challenges for Community Leaders 3. Can fire hydrants across the street be used as a primary or secondary hydrant? o The use of a fire hydrant is dependent on the site and conditions. Fire hydrant use is measured using hose lay distance through an approved route from the fire hydrant and along the fire lanes of the site to all exterior walls of the proposed structure. Fire hydrant CAL FIRE Belt Buckle. Rating: 0%. As low as $30.00. Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. 1 3/4 Duty Approved Basketweave Belt. Rating: 0% Houston Fire Department You may have a City of Houston Fire Marshal-approved consultant perform the training. The process to receive an approved Fire Safety Plan consists of the three following essential training elements conducted by persons, institutions, or companies approved by the Fire Marshal according to regulations established by.

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Application for Approval of Building Projects Drawings (Addition, Amendment, Expansion) Application for License/Reclassification of Contractors of Fire Fighting Equipment and Fire Alarms Commercial Licenses Supervision - License Department of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate and submit the required documents . Fill the service. Fla. fire department merger approved. Supporters say the merger could save Jacksonville Beach taxpayers about $15 million over 10 years, and would provide better fire protection for the cit LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) - The Holmen Area Fire Department is looking to improve its service through a partnership with La Crosse. The La Crosse City Council approved a contract last week that. established and approved per Phoenix Fire Department or Planning and Development Department site plan prior to June 20, 2007 are not required to be widened if maintained and marked in accordance with this chapter. FIRE DEPARTMENT FIRE PREVENTION DIVISION

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Should a student desire to pursue firefighter certification within one year of completing the basic program, the completed skill sheets can be used to show mastery of some of the skills. The Basic Fire Fighter curriculum and course approval forms may be obtained at no charge by contacting the Training and Certification Unit at (573) 522-2426 Wildland fires are a force of nature that can be nearly as impossible to prevent, and as difficult to control, as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Wildland fire can be a friend and a foe. In the right place at the right time, wildland fire can create many environmental benefits, such as reducing grass, brush, and trees that can fuel large and severe wildfires and improving wildlife habitat

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Appendix A FIRE DEPARTMENT DRIVER OPERATOR EVALUATION CHECKLIST April 2, 2010 Purpose: To provide documentation that an individual has completed the required minimum training before receiving authorization from the Chief Officer to drive fire department apparatus With the goal of improving response time, Bismarck Fire Department will seek approval for a new $3.45 million fire station in northeast Bismarck. Low bids for the new station, to be located near. System test reports for many systems are mandatory and must be submitted electronically to the Seattle Fire Department via our online vendor at www.thecomplianceengine.com.. There is a $30 filing fee associated with the submission of each report, per system, per year, except for hood systems which are per every six-month service

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The Building Department will route the plans to the Fire Department for review and approval. County plans must be submitted to the County of San Diego Building Department (Rincon del Diablo area) for approval. If your plans are not approved, remarks will be made indicating how they must be altered before work can begin Thursday, June 17, 2021 - 2:55 pm. CANTON - The Canton Fire Department welcomed six new members following approval by the village board on Wednesday night. The new members are Casey Archer, Ashley Powell, Andrew Moses, Samuel Moses, Delaney Fatcheric, and Nicholas Beldock. This page is available to subscribers. Click here to sign in or get access 2) Fire Department Hose Connections shall be installed so that there is an elevation difference of thirty six inches (36) minimum between the FDHC and the bottom of the water tank, for effective gravity flow, unless an approved fire pump is provided. See Diagram W-1.2 command. While operating at an emergency incident the fire department shall operate within the National Incident Management System (NIMS). 1. Structure and Organization 1.1. By direction of the Village Manager, the general management, administration, supervision and control of the fire department is vested with the Fire Chief. The Fire Chief.

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KUALA LUMPUR: The setting-up of barbed wires along a staircase at Block C of the Kampung Baru Air Panas People's Housing Project (PPR), here, was decided during a coordination meeting on the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) which was also attended by the Fire and Rescue Department Rockaway Park, NY Fire Departments. New York Fire Department - Engine 266 - Brush 7 (Queens) New York Fire Department - Engine 268 - Ladder 137 (Queens HANOVER PARK FIRE DEPARTMENT Standard Operating Guideline Craig A. Haigh Fire Chief Original 1 / 29 / 2009 Chapter: 400 Section: 001 Update _____/_____/_____ Approved By: C.A. Haigh, Fire Chief TRANSPORTATION POLICY Purpose This Standard Operating Guideline provides the procedures for utilizing department provided transportatio PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio -- City Council recently approved the Parma Heights Fire Department's purchase of a new ambulance. Ordered through the state cooperative purchasing program, the city is.

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Approved Fireworks Listing - 2020 Season. Wednesday, June 17, 2020. DC FIRE AND EMS DEPARTMENT FIREWORK SAFETY POINTS. The DC Fire and EMS Department wants everyone to have a happy and safe July 4th Celebration, so please remember these important safety points: 1. Don't buy or use Illegal Fireworks. Illegal fireworks include Structure Fire - 5 N Joseph St Asst Chief Fusaro, July 01. At approximately 17 minutes past midnight on Thursday July 1, 2021, Westerly Dispatch received a 911 call reporting a possible structure fire at 5 North Joseph St. The Westerly Fire Department was dispatched. The first arriving fire unit confirmed a working structure fire This video shows an approval test for an ANSUL R-102 kitchen fire suppression system. The fire department wants a wet test with water instead of the wet chem..

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The 788th Civil Engineer Group fire department received approval to replace an antiquated and outdated station currently located in Area A. The new station will have modern design and space to. Camp Parks Fire Department: Approved: 11/1/2016: Address: 520 Mitchell Dr: Expires: 10/31/2020 : Service To: Employees only: City State Zip: Dublin California 94568-Fax (925) 875-4904 Contact: Jeremy Whiteaker: Phone Ext (925) 875-4902 Email Website County: Alameda: Program Status: Discontinued: CE ID Number: 01-0008: Entity Name: Unitek.

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Douglas County Commission to consider proposal to consolidate township fire departments. The commissioners approved the initial step of the proposal on Wednesday by authorizing a resolution. La Verne Fire Department To Undergo Preparedness Study - Claremont-La Verne, CA - The study was approved by the La Verne City Council and will look at how prepared the agency currently is to deal. Washington Township seeks voter approval for new fire station. The 62-year-old Washington Township fire department, also home to its roads department, will be replaced if voters approve a bond issue on the May 4 ballot. (Washington Township Fire Department photo) WASHINGTON TOWNSHP -- A new $9 million home for the Washington Township fire. Eddy County volunteer fire departments have a new tool to assist with fire investigations. Tuesday, Eddy County Board of County Commissioners approved an $86,000 fire excise tax fund request from Eddy County Fire Service (ECFS) for a portable x-ray system during the 2021/2022 fiscal year Some fire departments have expressed the desire for additional features on the tankers, and they will be responsible for paying for those extras. In November 2018, Aiken County voters approved. The Tennessee Fire Officer 2 course is designed for the fire officer who is ready to assume more of a leadership role by moving into the middle management level of his/her department. This course expands on the knowledge base attained in Fire Officer I by revisiting some of the same subjects and adding additional material including management.