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r/Weird: The subreddit for the weird, strange, odd and bizarre DeepIntoYouTube: Weird-arse videos from YouTube's bargain bin. Lithuaniakittens: A meme subreddit that's occasionally weird enough to be funny. FourthWorldProblems, FifthWorldProblems.

No Viral Videos. 3. Only Direct Links to YouTube. 4. No Self-Promotion. 5. No Videos Deriding the Mentally Ill. 6. No Videos From Major Productions. 7. No Reposts. 8. No Mirrors or Re-Uploads. 9. No Witch-Hunting or Brigading. 10. Mark posts NSFW accordingly. 11. Respect each other - no racism, sexism, homophobia, etc A community of people sharing and enjoying funny videos they have found on the internet. Has a video made you snort your coffee out of your nose from laughter recently? Then post it here for others to do the same! 156k. Members. 275. Online. Created Nov 17, 2008. r/funnyvideos Rules. 1 List Rules Vote up the weird subreddits that you would totally waste an afternoon on. The Internet has brought about all kinds of new opportunities and advancements for billions of people. With the advent of smartphones and portable computers, more people than ever before are now online, learning and sharing with each other DeepIntoYouTube: Weird-ass videos from YouTube's bargain bin. Lithuaniakittens : A meme subreddit that's occasionally weird enough to be funny. Ooer : I AM NOT GOOD WITH COMPUTE

Reddit has become so big and subreddits so many. There's weird, odd, bizarre, scary, and downright upsetting subreddits out there - here's 10 you need to know Subreddits related to videography, video production, and video editing. r/videography - A community for videographers of all skill levels in fields such as weddings, events, live performances r/VideoEditing - A subreddit for amateur, hobbyist, and prosumer editors to meet. r/editors - Sort of the professional equivalent of the above. For. Either way, this subreddit is where you'll find ASMR videos that make you feel tingly in more ways than one. r/BoredandIgnored. This subreddit in particular hosts gifs and short videos of women being penetrated or receiving oral sex while they concentrate on a non-erotic task. Younger performers talk on the phone, text, or play video games.

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ThoughtCo. Ask Reddit is a forum where people can ask a question of the community and get responses from people from all walks of life. This subreddit is the ultimate time-killer. You can find the best, most unexplainable paranormal stories, career advice, NSFW sex questions, and much, much more on this page. 02 Share your videos with friends, family, and the worl

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If i laugh, i get slapped...Didn't think this through lolTwitter: https://twitter.com/KSIOlajidebtInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/ksiFacebook: https://w.. Deepfakes was a controversial subreddit that superimposed famous female actresses onto pornographic videos, made using FakeApp, without the consent of the actresses. Such actresses included Emma Watson and Daisy Ridley. After the subreddit was given notoriety from the press, videos from the subreddit were banned from Gfycat and Discord.On 7 February 2018, the day after Pornhub banned the. The /r/memes/ is the funniest subreddits that use phrases to show the emotion, the physical and mental state of the user through the linked video or image. The statements used are often ironical while using it on the image or videos. It has 1.7million subscribers The 9 Weirdest Places in Reddit (Updated) Sam Biddle. 5/04/12 12:00PM. 133. 3. Reddit is the best possible argument anyone can muster against direct democracy: a perfect cross section of the. Some weird-video subreddits can get mean-spirited. While that tone does exist on some r/YouTubeHaiku submissions, more often a video is a celebration of the weird and the earnest

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  1. Weird, right? Unfortunately the subreddit is set to private right now, Sometimes weird videos that look like test screens are just weird videos that look like test screens, even if our.
  2. *MAKING WEIRD WEBSITES...* SUB AND BE A BLOODY LEGEND! - http://goo.gl/HXwElg Lazabum on TWITTER! - https://goo.gl/Amqx544• PRETENDING IM DONALD TRUMP - h..
  3. If you feel like taking a trip down the rabbit hole this weekend, I highly recommend you check out all the weird videos on the channel as well as the aforementioned subreddit

Each video on this subreddit features silly scenarios followed by bouts of infectious laughter. Visit r/contagiouslaughter. 10. r/unexpected. On r/unexpected, you'll find videos that seem normal when you first start watching. However, by the end of the video, something completely unexpected happens 16. /r/Skinwalkers. In Native American legend a skin-walker is a most foul creature, a witch. By committing a cultural taboo, usually killing a member of their own family, a witch can become a. 2) r/WritingPrompts A hugely useful subreddit for anyone who has to fashion words into some kind of order, for a living, for a side hustle, or just for fun. As the name suggests, WritingPrompts is. Now it's something you should never ask online. Just enjoy browsing this NSFW subreddit and this love watching Pics & videos being shared in this 18+ subreddit forum. Subs: 230,385. 8. /r/BiggerThanYouThought. Now Adult Redditors share sexy Pics & GIFs of those women who have really big assets and this adult subreddit is great for you. Subs.

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  1. Then /r/Aww is the thread that you should absolutely subscribe. From cute animals to funny moments, the /r/Aww subreddit is a great curation that'll definitely put a smile on your face, and make you go Awww Check out 7. Facepalm. Twitter has become a breeding ground for funny and weird posts lately
  2. Here, we shall discuss the top 9 popular and hottest meme subreddits for you. Looking for the Best Meme on Reddit? Here are 9 hottest Meme Subreddits #1. r/memes. r/memes is a popular collection of hot memes in subreddits. You can access a vast majority of different categories of memes ranging from regular posts, hot memes, new, rising.
  3. #Elsagate: a subreddit that's sleuthing out the weird videos of Youtube Kids. Enter the Elsagate subreddit, where they are sleuthing out the production methodologies, corporate structure.
  4. 5- /r/DunderMifflin/. The /r/DunderMifflin/ is the funniest subreddits that use phrases to show the emotion, the physical and mental state of the user through the linked video or image. The.
  5. Welcome to the world of Reddit, the front page of the internet and an especially influential community hub for artists, photographers, illustrators, and designers.. There's something for everyone on Reddit, but it's easy to fall down the wrong rabbit hole. Thankfully, Reddit is divided into sub-communities called subreddits, which make it much easier to navigate its depths

5 Weird Things I Learned Selling My Used Panties on Reddit. Nestled in a cozy grey area between pornography and prostitution is one of the Internet's strangest cottage industries: selling dirty underpants online. It's the new media answer to a fetish that's existed since the invention of panties -- some men enjoy sniffing spoiled thongs. Subreddits are user-created areas of interest where discussions on Reddit are organized. There are about 138,000 active subreddits (among a total of 1.2 million) as of July 2018. Subreddit names begin with r/; for instance, r/science is a community devoted to discussing scientific topics, while r/television is a community devoted to discussing TV shows and r/Islam, a community.

This gory subreddit shows just how brutal nature is — and I love it. New adding that cats do weird things for sex. And then come the photos, GIFs, and videos. Some are outright funny. Commentary on a subreddit - #satire #funny #funnyyoutuber #reddit #subreddit #drippychippy #memes #sarcasm #irony. YouTube R/weird scrolling. Login Sign Up . HOME VIDEOS CONVOS MEMBERS NEW SHARE. What's Sharree? A Community For Small YouTubers Login Sign Up . Connect with Facebook Connect with Google Well, this wonderfully weird r/woooosh subreddit now has so many members who are actively sharing about people who have embarrassed... hiptoro.com 35 Times People Missed The Joke So Bad, They Embarrassed Themselves (New Pics The comments couldn't believe the coincidence and some viewers share their weird scripting stories too. Perfect example, what yours will always come back to you, a comment or posted, I found my mom's handmade doll house fireplace from 1972 and a goodwill someone wrote

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  1. So please, enjoy 20 of the funniest YouTube videos Reddit has deemed to be worthy of internet gold. 1. Nice, Ron. YouTube. LoĂŻc Drouillard. 586 subscribers. Subscribe. Ron sneezes and scares deer.
  2. Buzz60. 0:31. Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away Free Doughnuts on National Doughnut Day This Friday, June 4. Southern Living. 0:11. Skyscraper Rivals The Aig Building and the Architecture of Wall Street. Alpefer. 0:05. Read eVolo Skyscrapers 3: Visionary Architecture and Urban Design Ebook Free
  3. This subreddit is one of those rabbit holes you can spend hours, and even days, in. • Choosing Beggars. One of the all-time funniest subreddits has to be this collection of people who are just.
  4. The Genshin Impact subreddit, by comparison, is a far more pleasant (and hornier) place to be.Not since Attack on Titan has a piece of anime-style media exploded into such popularity, evidenced by.
  5. Reddit's Non-Toxic, Actually Useful, Sometimes Weird Subreddits: A List. 60.16K. Sam Biddle. 07/16/15 12:45PM. Filed to: positvity. positvity. reddit. Reddit is the internet's New Jersey: Dense.

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Its a bit fucking weird and drags the tone of the subreddit down by quite a bit. Many people will go there to get advice on how to play the game, since strategy games can be intimidating without some guidance, and if you allow tits and ass to take the top page of it, you'll just end up with a shithole like /r/kappa within days File:Weirdvideogameslogo 5002.png. This is the most normal part of any episode. From the weird, to the wild, to the WHAT, Weird Video Games is a now-defunct video game review show by Heisanevilgenius, where only the most asinine and mind-breaking games are showcased to the masses. The show is a result of Tom's self-appointed quest to find the oddest of the odd and get the good word out for. These Creepy Subreddits Will Keep You Up At Night. List Rules Vote up the subreddits that make you flee your open tabs in fear. Reddit, the front page of the internet and leading cause of sleep-deprivation, features a horde of scary subreddits guaranteed to keep you up at night. Just like the rest of the site, horror-themed subreddits present a. The subreddit has threads detailing their scary experiences on the deep/dark web. Most of it is probably fiction, but a large part obviously also may be true. Some say they received murder photos/videos, others claim their computers were hacked, and some even reported physical scary encounters

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Subreddit. An easy way to view the most popular images, videos and memes posted to reddit. Another good one /r/D3adpann2 Lets go /r/D3adpann2 Back at it /r/D3adpann2 And it just keeps coming /r/D3adpann2 Time to weird out the people at the /r/D3adpann2 Lies /r/D3adpann2 It's officially been 32 Tuesdays since she's uploaded a YouTube. For those on a journey of self-improvement on Reddit, dive in to discover the 10 best subreddits for self-improvement from The Front Page of the Internet This subreddit is dedicated to Email privacy, anonymity and security. Here you find lots of threads about email privacy, best anonymous email service providers, and disposable email addresses etc. If you are curious about your email privacy and security, you can subscribe to this subreddit and discuss with other members. 17. r/DarkWebLinks (Banned

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  1. About Random Subreddits Tool. Reddit is so popular that countless people browse and comment on it every day. Discussions about Reddit are organized into user-created areas of interest, called subreddits. As of July 2018, there are approximately 138,000 active subreddits out of approximately 1.2 million subreddits in total
  2. Accompanied by a wonderfully stupid song by Parker and Stone (All I ask is that you're a woman!), the sequence lovingly details the genderless puppets (strings and all) 69-ing each other.
  3. image · 396 views. Soo last week my substitute teacher that i had looked like the guy from toy story 2 in Al's Toy Shop. image · 979 views. The dog and human are assholes the dog drops his filthy ball in me and the human carelessly puts me in the floor. image · 367 views

The following is a list of paraphilias, or sources of sexual arousal, discussed in Perv: The Sexual Deviant in All of Us [Scientific American / Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $26.00] by Jesse Bering Here are some recs, depending on what you're looking for: Bright Desire has been producing artistic, body-positive fare since 2012. Erika Lust's XConfessions lets users submit what they want to. Further investigation into the breeding fetish on Reddit reveals that they mainly congregate on a subreddit called r/Breeding, and that the users and the fetish itself seems to have a significant overlap with last year's hottest prog fetish, cuckolding. r/Breeding is a largely pornographic journal of fantasies and experiences on the subject. /r/mistyfront subreddit where a bot posts top posts of other subreddits. Very varied, good content. /r/tulpas People who try to make a sentient being inside their mind using practice and self hypnosis. I don't really follow it, but it's a weird and cool idea not many people know about, and it seems to work for some people

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click the subscribe or unsubscribe buttons to choose which subreddits appear on the home feed. subscribe. r/Home: Home A subreddit dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public. 3349.7k subscribers, (almost) anything related to games - video games, board games, card games, etc. (but not. image · 413 views. Soo last week my substitute teacher that i had looked like the guy from toy story 2 in Al's Toy Shop. image · 997 views. The dog and human are assholes the dog drops his filthy ball in me and the human carelessly puts me in the floor. image · 380 views Whether you're unwilling to commit to an entire movie or still mourning the loss of Vine, this subreddit is dedicated to short, funny videos that typically run 30 seconds or less /r/announcements - Important subreddit to know official announcements from the Reddit admins which tells about latest changes, filters, rules & guidelines, new prominent subreddits, promotions and more. Subs: 14,751,939 /r/gaming - A subreddit for true gamers.No matter whether small or big, a game should be entertaining.If you have recorded any epic moment of games in photo screenshot or.

Andywilson92 has produced over 100 low-quality computer-animated videos, and pretty much all of them are unsettling. His main focus seems to be ruining everyone's childhoods—he's made disturbing parodies of Sonic the Hedgehog, Thomas the Tank Engine, The Legend of Zelda, and The Simpsons, among others.Wilson has been uploading videos since 2009 11 Weird Things Doctors Have Found Stuck In People's Butts From hardened cement to knives — you'd be shocked. By Zongile Nhlapo Surgeons must really have it tough. The things they must remove. The Most Legendary Reddit Threads. Reddit is one of the few still-used modern day message boards. There's a subreddit for everything—if you haven't found what you're looking for, you. UCLA, Stanford study finds for average 50-64 year old, chances of dying from Covid-19 are 1 in 19.1 million One America News Networ

Best subreddits; Most popular YouTube videos; Those are straightforward subreddits, but they can get weird, such as r/birdswitharms, a subreddit devoted to pictures of birds. Elden Ring isn't the only video game that's under a complete media blackout. You can find a subreddit for Grand Theft Auto VI, the existence of which hasn't been confirmed by Rockstar Games. This nostalgic subreddit recreates the happy internet of 2009. 2009, baby!!! If you're nostalgic for the Reddit of ten years ago, we have good news: you can now relive it. The new subreddit r. r/nosleep, the popular subreddit where users submit horror stories, has gone private to protest YouTubers making videos reading the stories without permission from or paying the original author

Vacaciones en pandemia el video de Britney Spears que divide las redes / Vacation in pandemic the video of Britney Spears that divides the networks LaPatanaMusic 0:0 Jeff Bakalar talks to CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger about GameStop's wild stock ride and how a subreddit helped kick off its meteoric rise in the face of the financial institutions. Today, there are about 10,000 active subreddits out of nearly 100,000 total, spanning a dizzying array of topics from funny pictures, to Power Rangers, to pooping. If a post gets enough upvotes. However, the fun wasn't allowed to last for long. On Friday evening, the Discord server was the first to go, with Discord claiming that hateful and discriminatory content was allowed to be posted on the server, and that after months of warnings, they coincidentally decided that now was the time to remove it. The server has been on our Trust & Safety team's radar for some. The r/WallStreetBets subreddit's own moderators made it private for a little less than an hour on Wednesday evening, Reddit confirmed to The Verge — but now, it's back, with a new post from.


  1. The Switch subreddit has always been a bit of an odd place. The larger forum by far is r/NintendoSwitch , with 2.7 million members; r/Switch only has around 135k at the time of writing
  2. ute-long video posted to Reddit shows a family of four staring at the skies in Spartanburg, South Carolina, earlier this month. Trending. Most read in Weird. Latest videos
  3. In these videos, he shows off the memes fans have shared on his r/pewdiepiesubmissions subreddit. In March, they submitted a LOT of le doge. Here's PewDiePie laughing at one that references his.
  4. It was weird to own a Zune in 2005. It is even weirder to own a Zune in 2021 — let alone 16 of them. And yet, 27-year-old Conner Woods proudly shows off his lineup on a kitchen table
  5. What if life were a video game? These 650,000 people imagine it that way. Though the subreddit has been around since 2009, 100,000 of those users joined in 2020. Some muse at the weird.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us On May 28th, Redditor [1] thisuseriswaiting posted a side-by-side comparison of character Joel as he appears in 2013 video game The Last of Us and in its 2020 sequel The Last of Us Part II, set five years later, writing, That's weird. They shrank his shoulders, made him look soft... The post received 76 upvotes in /r/TheLastOfUs2 subreddit. Video Premiere: Sparxsea Chariot. Following her sound of organic tones and electro beats, indie folk-pop artist Sparxsea has just released her second single, Chariot, off the forthcoming album On The Sea. by Sterling Salzberg — 9 months ago. videos new music maine electronic pop Time period Key developments at Reddit 2005: In the beginning, Reddit's creators help seed Reddit with numerous fake accounts. 2006: Apart from reddit.com, NSFW is the most popular subreddit at the beginning of 2006. Programming becomes the second most popular subreddit for most of the year Discord bans WallStreetBets as subreddit briefly goes private [Updated] Robinhood app restricts stock purchasing as regulators express worry. Kyle Orland - Jan 28, 2021 2:37 pm UT

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