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It is even more important to look at how the BBI report seeks to address challenges facing young people in Kenya. Faced with mass unemployment and the resultant frustration, large parts of an. challenges facing Kenya. The government has consequently placed job creation at the top of its policy agenda. The youth account for 61% of the unemployed. Ninety two percent (92%) of the unemployed, Youth have no job training other than formal schooling. Hence, unemployment is not just lack of jobs and 2009/10, we examine youth employment dynamics across the different sectors and further provide insights into the determinants of youth participation in agriculture. Using the Kenya Census of 2009, we further document the challenges and constraints inherent to the youth in agricultural production relative to adults. Th

The study revealed that the key issues facing youth in the 21 st Century among the developing economies like Kenya included but not limited to lack of unemployment, lack of basic youth support services like funding, substance abuse, youth reproductive health issues and breaking of family and societal value system KYDP Kenya Youth Development Policy KYEOP Kenya Youth Empowerment and Opportunities Project KYEP Kenya Youth Empowerment Project MDAs Ministries, Department and Agencies MTP Medium Term Plan NACADA National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse NCD Non-Communicable Diseases NEET Not in Education Employment and Trainin The major challenges facing adolescent nutrition in Kenya stated are; Early marriages especially with communities that practice Female Genital Mutilation FGM). All these put adolescent girl's health at risk. There is need for specialized nutrition and a balanced diet. Peer influence and social media Youth Employment: Impact, Challenges and Opportunities for Social Development Conference room paper (English only ) Background • Young people represent around one fifth of the world's.

Challenges Facing the Youth in Today's Society Most of the problems facing today's youth are not restricted to any one ethnic or religious group, but affect young people generally. Most discussions on youth have focussed on issues such as drug abuse, crime, violence, sexuality and poverty an active involvement of all the stakeholders in mobilization of the youth on group formation and YEDF activities. Keywords: Development, Kenya, Youth enterprise. Introduction Youth unemployment is one of the biggest development challenges in the Third World today. In Kenya over 15 million people live below th This had been grounded in the realisation that the government may not achieve the Millennium Development Goals without adequately dealing with the many socio-economic challenges facing the Kenyan youth (Republic of Kenya, n.d.a). In 2006, the government developed its first Kenya National Youth Policy (KNYP) Picture the challenges he might be facing. There is a chance that his focus is geared on the survival of the business, rather than on how to earn more profits. The Kenya Association of.

This research is a study of PCEA Langata Parish and its response to challenges of ministering to the youth. PCEA is a mainstream church started by Scottish missionaries but has continued to experience low numbers of youth in services. This has created financial challenges, church membership and leadership gaps Whenever I speak with our youth —and I speak to very many of them as part of my daily duties— the question of how to deal with youth and challenges which face them remain a black spot in Kenya.

  1. In this series, scholars explore the complex challenges around youth unemployment facing policymakers in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. Introduction and Incidence of Unemployment.
  2. The rate of unemployment in Kenya has fluctuated over the past few years. There are many reasons given as an explanation for this phenomenon. Most people blame unemployment to the challenges facing development in Kenya while others attribute it to the rising youth population in Kenya
  3. Although no silver bullet can resolve this issue, it is possible to turn the tide by exploring the following ways of mitigating the challenges facing affordable housing development in Kenya: 1.) Increased financing. Housing is a capital-intensive venture and insufficient funding is a key problem facing real estate
  4. Salesian missionaries are helping poor youth and their families through education, nutrition and workforce development in the Kakuma refugee camp and across Kenya. Nearly 45 percent of the population lives in conditions of poverty. In addition, UNICEF notes that while Kenya has free and compulsory education, disadvantaged youth still cannot afford to attend school, resulting in close to 90.
  5. The Kenya government's 1983 Kenya Official Handbook states that to better appreciate recent developments in the country, it is useful to indicate some of the problems inherited by the first independent African Government led by the late President Kenyatta (1983:31)

The problems/ challenges facing Youth in Kenya are quite profound and known as indicated by studies on youth. More so, youths face many reproductive health challenges today which include drug and substance abuse, HIV/ AIDS, STDs, teenage pregnancies, harmful practices like early marriages, unsafe abortion and teenage pregnancies The challenges of youth empowerment outlined in the paper are very relatable to what we, the youths of Fiji, are going through. 1. Tradition. Fiji, among other Pacific Islands, is very conservative of its culture. In such countries, culture and tradition holds societies together, creating a sense of community and also bringing order and social. The Ministry has developed the Kenya Youth Agribusiness Strategy to address challenges that hinder youth from participating effectively in the sector. The Strategy is aimed at providing new opportunities for youth in agriculture and its value chains. The impact of youth engagement in agriculture will be evident i Challenges facing women and youth grocery retail traders in Kenya. Wholesale and retail trade is the most significant sector for small and micro enterprises in Kenya. The sector offers a critical source of employment for thousands of Kenyans, especially women, and contributes significantly to household livelihoods and resilience address the challenge of youth employment through human capital development like the Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEFD). Despite this, youth unemployment still remains a big problem making youth vulnerable to crime and social unrest. This paper investigated the nature, challenges and consequences of urban youth unemployment in Nairobi, Kenya

Challenge 1: No job opportunity in agricultural extension for young graduates The Youth hardly find jobs or work-based placement in agricultural extension in Kenya. The government of the republic of Kenya is the main provider and regulator of agricultural extension services, and the recruitment of new officers is done after long periods since .This situation was precipitated by the structural. Evaluate entrepreneurial achieved status challenges facing youth entrepreneurs; Investigate other domicile economic related challenges facing youth entrepreneurs. Ultimate Goal: To derive an emerging pattern of social cultural and economic challenges the youth entrepreneurs experience in their quest to build an enterprise

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  1. The scenario is not any different in Kenya where the employment challenge has been growing overtime with the youth being the main casualties. Creation of adequate employment opportunities remain one of the greatest challenges in Kenya. It is estimated that 64% of unemployed persons in Kenya are youth. The country has
  2. The challenges of serving this rising population of youth is no more apparent than in Kenya as youth between the ages of 18 and 34 account for more than a third of the population (UNDP, 2013). Policies, programs and services have been initiated since the turn of the Century t
  3. 1.3 Adversities and barriers faced by youth Youth in Kenya face several macro and micro challenges in achieving productivity. The study focused on shocks and stresses as well as the contextual challenges that youth face in securing livelihoods. Frequent exposure to traumatic situations can impact and hinder growth of a youth. It can drive.
  4. The Act mandates the NYC-Kenya to coordinate youth activities and organisations along with supporting the national youth policy. According to the official Facebook Page , legal challenges initially prevented the establishment of the council, but the first elections took place in 2012
  5. g Africa: Giving Youth a Space to Discuss the Development Challenges Affecting Them. Youth Transfor
  6. e the commitment by the county government in dealing with the challenges facing the implementation of devolved government in Kiambu County, Kenya. The objectives of the study were; to establish the political interference challenges facing the

Challenges facing the insurance industry in Kenya include; a) Lack of saving culture among the youth There seems to be an ignorant culture, especially among the youth with regards to insurance, as it considered boring or non-beneficial or only appropriate for the elderly rich people The top five challenges are 1) Corruption; 2) IPR enforcement; 3) Unemployment and poverty; 4) Land reforms; and 5) Security. The following information gives greater detail on these challenges. , Kenya ranked 137 out of 180 countries (180 being the most corrupt), with a score of 28 out 100 points. Claims of corrupt dealings, particularly in.

The main objective of the study was to assess the opportunities and challenges that face SACCOs in meeting their purpose with a focus on SACCOs in Kenya. Specific Objectives 1. The challenges facing Sacco's operations in Kenya's current Devolved Government. 2. The opportunities available for the Saccos in Kenya. 3 Challenges Facing Special Needs Education in Kenya . She is also serving as a senator in the Children's Government of Kenya. Melody is overcoming the challenges she has faced in her short life, and putting the stigma she has felt from members of her community behind her. Youth employment in a post-COVID-19 period . November 10, 2020

Today, I want to focus on the challenges facing young entrepreneurs in Kenya. Why has success in business repeatedly eluded many young people? Besides the usual culprit, lack of capital, there are several challenges. Lack of business skills and experience. Lack of business skills is one of the major challenges facing young entrepreneurs. The current trials and tribulations facing Kenya will not be resolved without the emergence of a leadership that is truly up to the challenge, a leadership that pursue a national project of profound social transformation, that eschews narrow and shortsighted exclusionary politics and neo-liberal economic growth The Kenya Demographic Health Survey trends look even worse estimating that 18% of girls aged 15 - 19 become pregnant every year in the country, with a stark 0.5% of girls dropping out of school due to rape-related cases. With such realities, it's easy to assume that the future for women and girls in Kenya is bleak The program is working currently with 30 SME's acrossKenya,South Africa, andMozambique. (Conner, 2000). There are various other challenges that have continued to have negative impact on the growth of SMEs inKenya. These challenges include but may not be limited to poor infrastructure, insecurity and high cost of energy

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This study examined the challenges facing income generating women groups in informal settlements in Kenya with a special focus on women groups in Kibera slums. The study stemmed from the need to evaluate the impact of efforts put in place by the government and other stakeholders to improve the socio-economic status of women in Kenya. Thus The Kenyan Youth Biodiversity NetworkKYBN. We are a youth-led organization registered and operating in Kenya since 2017. The organization is run by a team of 100% young people and provides strategic and safe spaces for youth involvement in national and international environmental policy formulation, advocacy, and implementation of green.

Home Challenges Facing the Coffee Sector The coffee industry has been one of the key pillars of Kenya's economy since independence from Britain in 1963. The sector has been a significant earner of foreign exchange for the economy and provider of jobs Challenges facing Juvenile Delinquents Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya: A Case Study of Othaya Rehabilitation Centre, Nyeri, Kenya Kariuki W. Rosalind, Njoka N. Johannes and Ndegwa W. Lucy School of Education and Social Sciences, Karatina University, Kenya Corresponding author Email: lucywandegwa@yahoo.com ABSTRAC challenges facing the implementation of free day secondary education: a case study of nyeri south district, nyeri county in kenya. by dedan muriithi muhindi e55/ce/14311/2009 a research project report submitted in partial fulfilment of requirements for the degree of masters of education in the school of education of kenyatta university This paper briefly examines these challenges and highlights strategies that can be undertaken to resolve these issues. 4.0 Challenges facing Inclusive Education. Efforts involved in implementation of Inclusive Education have got challenges that are facing them. These challenges are divided into various parts and they include; 4.1 Beliefs / Attitud

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Another challenge facing the prevention of HIV/AIDS in Kenya is corruption, discrimination in distributing condoms and failure of the communities to use them effectively. The government has actively promoted the use of condoms. However, many people still find condoms difficult to acquire The challenges facing county governments in Kenya are legion. Its best to first understand the Functions of County Government. Its also instructive to equally understand how the Constitution of Kenya outlines 189. Cooperation between national and. Youth un-employment therefore poses a serious political, economic and social challenge to the country and its leadership. Its persistence is making it increasingly difficult for Uganda to reduce its poverty levels. This paper on the challenges of youth (un)- employment in Uganda is intended to highlight the proble Challenges Facing Music Industry In Kenya; by Robert Gitau. Visited 4,387 times. Kenyan musicians have had a lot of hard times for the last few years and it is something that is connected with problems in the music industry. The government has done little to promote the talents of various artistes in the country making it really hard for them.

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Facing the challenges of hiv/aids/stds: a gender-based response Published by the Royal Tropical Institute (kit), Mauritskade 63, 1092adAmsterdam, The Netherlands; Southern Africa aidsInformation Dissemination Service (safaids), 17 Beveridge Road, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe; and World Health Organization, Globa The Challenges Facing Young Entrepreneurs in Somalia . but raised and educated in Kenya. It was 2012 when I came back to Somalia and decided to live in Mogadishu. The city was slowly recovering from the ashes of the civil war. However, the situation was relatively unpredictable and it was hard to imagine what the future would look like.

The story that resonated the most with Dutch youth was a video about the challenges facing a gay couple living in Kenya. They shared their story of love and the harsh consequences they could face if they were public about their relationship P.O.Box 2836-30100, Eldoret, Kenya Abstract This paper examines the challenges facing teachers in using the Christian Religious Education (CRE) to convey values to students. It also attempts to proffer ways to overcoming those challenges. The paper is based on a study conducted among selected secondary schools in Eldoret Municipality Challenges facing Kenya require innovation, says Uhuru. NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 5 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has challenged scientists and innovators to be at the forefront in finding solutions for challenges facing the country. Speaking when he presided over the official opening of the Young Scientists Kenya National Science and Technology.

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Kenya's youth make up 65% of the population with a bigger majority of these youth under the age of 18. Unemployment is the biggest challenge facing these young people with over 40% of those in the employment bracket unable to get proper jobs. This challenge brings on attendant problems in crime, HIV/AIDS and social conflicts 5 Challenges Facing Young Entrepreneurs (and How to Overcome Them) I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the nonsuccessful ones is pure perseverance. - Steve Jobs ( more quotes) 1. Hiring staff. Most young entrepreneurs likely have never managed people before challenges still face the continent especially the youth who in 2015 where 226 million aged 15-24 and expected to increase by 42% by 2030 therefore there is need to utilize the youth population so as t The Kenya Youth Empowerment Project (KYEP) - Kenya Context: In Kenya, the youth who fall between 15-35 years form about 35 per cent of the country's population. It is estimated that about 155,000 youths join the labour market annually after completing training in Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET), or the University

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challenges facing the financing of education in developing countries e.g. kenya Education is both a private and social investment that is shared by individual students, their families, employees, government and other groups including international agencies 1. Independence. The Inside Story/Jicho Pevu series might have been riveting for many, but none of the stories they shared could be aired without the whitewashing by those in positions of power to ensure they were'nt mentioned. They is almost cert.. The British Council's recent research, in partnership with DIFD, into Kenya's ' Next Generation Youth Voices ', uses a survey of 4,000 young Kenyans as well as in depth interviews to explore the main challenges facing the emerging youth population. It presents recommendations on how to address these issues and capitalise on the. Kenya's national gross domestic product (GDP) was an estimated $54.93 billion in 2013, according to the World Bank. In comparison to other developing countries, this number could be considered quite healthy, but only 4.5 percent of the nation's GDP was invested in its healthcare system in the same year. With more than 19 million children under.

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When I visited Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya, for the first time in July 2018, I saw women facing enormous challenges when seeking higher education, business opportunities and healthcare.The situation was bleak. For every 10 refugee boys in primary school, less than eight girls were in school. When opening a business, refugee women found it difficult to obtain government permits Challenges of traditional medicine in Kenya. There is little official recognition of the role traditional medicine in Kenya plays as far as National healthcare is concerned . The main challenges affecting this practice are stigmatization due to poor perceptions and attitudes, inadequate efforts to conserve medicinal plants and indigenous. Challenges Facing the Jua Kali Sector. The jua kali sector was hit by hard economic times and high startup capital. Nevertheless, it has also survived harsh critics since it was associated with school dropouts. Among the major challenges faced by the sector is the harsh working environment The day provided a moment of celebration and reflection on some of the most critical challenges facing the youth, and associated with their development, in their respective communities. The day brought together various stakeholders for a public discourse on the youth in Kenya with a view to building partnerships cutting across governments. Kenya's high unemployment rate presents a particularly difficult labor market experience for job seekers. The challenge is more pronounced in the youth bracket; 15-34 year-olds account for 84% of the unemployed in Kenya. Additionally, the country is experiencing a 'youth bulge' with approximately 20 percent of the coun-.

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The Challenges Facing Independent Newspapers in Sub-Saharan Africa Kenya in the 1970s. people, and especially the youth, to access social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, access mobile cash transfer services and consume the increasingly popular video an Background. In June 2010 Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) was mandated by the Government of Kenya to implement the Kenya Youth Empowerment Project (KYEP), Training and Internship component which aimed at providing the selected youth with relevant work experience and skills through training and work placements in the formal and informal sectors Divorce. Divorce is a trial that affects the entire family. Those affected by divorce can receive strength and comfort from the Lord's promise: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. . . . For my yoke is easy, and my burden light (Matthew 11:28, 30) Kenya has many small businesses which are in fact a source of employment for many Kenyans and contribute to almost 90% of the GDP. Every business, large or small is bound to facing challenges such as hiring the right staff and brand building among others. However there are certain challenges that are specific to small businesses

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5 A Gender Analysis of the 2017 Kenya General Elections EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report was prepared by NDI in conjunction with FIDA-Kenya as a follow-up to their previous gender audit, Key Gains and Challenges: A Gender Audit of Kenya's 2013 Electoral Process1. Similar to its predecessor, this document reviews the performanc This study looks at the challenges facing informal traders in the Hilbrow, area of Johannesburg. Objectives of the Study Devey et al. (2006:3) maintain that the ILO Kenya Report (1972:6) that, has described the informal activities are defined as 'a way of doing things, explained by ease of entry, reliance on. Major Challenges Facing Small Scale Businesses in Kenya Date Posted: 11/1/2012 3:03:48 PM. Posted By: amo84 Membership Level: Silver Total Points: 742. Indeed,to come with a logical definition of a small scale business is not that easy.It is dependent of quantity of output,say number of employees,stakeholders and also varies from one industry. study and document the challenges facing the smallholder dairy subsector in the central Kenya region and propose investment measures and modalities that can promote growth and competitiveness of the sector. In carrying out the dairy sector value chain study, a participator Challenges faced by the women enterprise fund in kenya 1. Research on Humanities and Social Sciences www.iiste.org ISSN (Paper)2224-5766 ISSN (Online)2225-0484 (Online) Vol.4, No.14, 2014 20 Challenges Faced by the Women Enterprise Fund in Kenya A Survey of Hamisi Constituency, Vihiga County- Kenya Alice Kadurenge Ijaza Stanley Godia Secondary School-Givogi, P.O. Box, 6 Serem

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Challenges facing Mental Health Management and Treatment in Kenya. Low Awareness: One of the biggest challenges is low awareness of mental disorders, particularly, the symptoms of this condition among the persons suffering from the condition and community at large. The fact that the symptoms affect emotions, thoughts and behaviors make it. among the students. However, they often face a lot of indiscipline challenges from the students, making it difficult for them to perform their management duties in school. Based on a study conducted in Kosirai Division, Nandi County, Kenya, this paper examines the drug use related challenges facing student leaders in discipline management The above divisions of the Kenyan Police Force all face numerous challenges when dealing with crime in Kenya. For one, the base monthly salary of a Kenyan police officer is eleven thousand shillings [roughly 143 USD] (Mukinda, 2010). The mere lack of assets and unsustainable lifestyle inherently breeds corruption The Challenge of Moral Education Wendy Turgeon on ways of getting children to think about values. If you ask any group of adults, from 18 through 80, whether kids today are worse than kids in their time, they will usually insist that they are. Teachers can offer terrifying examples of elementary school children cursing at them, middle school. A study by the African Development Bank finds that the financing gap for women in Sub-Saharan Africa is estimated at above US $20 billion, and younger women struggle the most. According to the 2014 Findex report, only 30% of women in sub-Saharan Africa have access to bank accounts. This statistic shows the importance of empowering women through.

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